Pang chinn fei dipecat

She is an archetypal femme fatale and one of the most notorious villainesses of classical Chinese culture. Pan Jinlian's name appears to be inspired by Pan Yunuan imperial consort of the Southern Qi dynasty. Pan Jinlian also appeared to be based on the false rumors a real namesake lady who had a sharply different personality.

The reputation of real-life Pan Jinlian was badly affected by the fictional Pan Jinlian and this incident also caused a rift between Pan family and Shi family the family of Shi Nai'anauthor of Water Margin for a long time until descendants of Shi family made an official apology in [3] [4].

Wu Dalang is short and ugly, while Pan Jinlian is renowned for her beauty; as a result, many people feel that the couple are a mismatch. Pan Jinlian, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qinga handsome womaniser in town.

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Wu Dalang eventually discovers the affair, but Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing murder him by adding poison to his food. They bribe the coroner to conceal the true cause of his death. Wu Song grows suspicious of his brother's death. He carries out his own investigations and discovers the truth. In Water MarginWu Song's slaying of the adulterous pair is described in graphic detail and is one of the most memorable scenes in the novel.

In the post- May Fourth era, the influential playwright Ouyang Yuqian wrote the early modern drama Pan Jinlian inin which Pan is depicted as a free-spirited woman victimized by a male-dominated traditional society. Pan Jinlian is a popular subject of Chinese and Japanese films and television series. Since the s, there have been at least 20 films and television series featuring her as a main character.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Pan. Becoming Chinese: Passages to Modernity and Beyond. University of California Press. Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities. Ministry of Culture of China. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 6 May Retrieved 17 July Water Margin characters. Chao Gai. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

P'an Chin-lien.Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now. Watch now. The life story of a young man who has been pursuing an impossible love with his straight boyfriend and contemplating on the mortality of his loved ones.

Voyage centers on a young psychiatrist who ventures on a lone voyage from Hong Kong along the coast of South-East Asia to overcome the sad experiences he had made with former clients.

An informant and a hit man both men end up passionately entwined after winding up together on the bad side of crimes lords. A young student who finds himself attracted to his handsome male professor, is intent on getting close enough to him. It's an experience that transforms his life and comes to define his adult identity. The actual members of the Hong Kong Baseball Team all prove themselves to be natural actors by playing themselves in this fictional youth drama set in In a city where baseball culture Love Actually - Sucks.

It tells a variety of stories about love that has gone wrong: a brother and sister in an Two best friends Shane and Jonathan learn more about themselves in an ever evolving sexuality. Sumin is an orphan trying to balance work in a factory with study at an art college and an evening job.

One night, a rich young businessman makes an advance on him during one of his driving Two boyhood friends are separated due to the disappearance of the sister of one of them, then later meet again as teenagers, when one of them has become a pop singer, and they discover feelings that they did not know they had. Three teenage boys Yong-ju, Gi-Woong and Gi-Taek, were once best friends in middle school, but they become estranged from each other once they enter high school.

While Yong-ju and Gi-Taek On the first day of Shima's new job he met a man with a hangover in the elevator. That was his first meeting with his new boss, Togawa. Though Togawa seemed rude and cross, Shima was drawn When Shu Nian was year-old, he was adopted by Xie Yan from an orphanage.

Nian was five years older than Xie and he worked as a page boy for him until Xie Yan went abroad to study. Openly gay banker Daniel debates whether to return to Australia or stay in Hong Kong when he meets Kafka, a straight swimming instructor. The young men fall in love, believing that their love can bridge anything, despite their difference in sexuality and Kafka's increasing drug use.

Daniel does not regret his love for Kafka, who tries to love him back against his nature. But a flashback memory from Kafka's past makes it difficult for their relationship to work. Written by bebop This film is about a successful gay banker who falls in love with a heterosexual drug addict.

A gay man falls in love with a straight guy and they develop a platonic relationship. However, "Amphetamine" is a lot less captivating than "Permanent Residence". In the beginning we are already treated with a hard sell of Scud's previous films. It's a bit too hard sell but I understand as Scud wants to recuperate the costs of making these independent, self-financed niche movies.

As the film progresses, the story telling gets messier, there are many sudden short flashbacks which I find distracting and it perturbs the continuity of the film. The plot is not so engaging either. The lead character Kafka spends most of the time being high, so there is little room for emotional development between Kafka and Daniel. There are far too many self indulgent scenes, trying too hard to make the film look artistic but in the end achieving nothing but being boring.

I hope Scud's next film will be better. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.Back to top. Miss Audrey Tan. Mrs Chan Sock Har. Mrs Fei May Bowness. Miss Adeline Tan. Mrs Winnie Thang. Mrs Melissa Neo. Miss Yeo Li Yong. Mrs Rosemary Song. Mrs Kho Chiou Yann. Mr Tan Chee Wan. Mrs Dora Fernandez.

pang chinn fei dipecat

Ms Vivienne Pang. Mdm Tan Poey Siang. Mrs Doreen Lee. Mrs Linda Lee. Mr Johari Bin Khalil. Mr Michael Chin. Mrs Parvathy Siva.

Mrs Madeline Maas. Mrs Swati Mukherji. Mdm Noor Wahida Bte Rusmani. Mr Foo Chee Juan. Mr Liang Kok Ann. Miss Deborah Gan. Ms Rina Lio. Miss Yeo Poh Tin.

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Pan Jinlian

Mrs Julia Teo. Mrs Justina Gan. Mrs Michelle Ang. Miss Khadijah. Miss Lim Ai Hong. Mrs Cha Wai Mun. Miss Kong Shiau Wei.Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off.

In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Gastric cancer is the second highest cause of global cancer mortality.

To explore the complete repertoire of somatic alterations in gastric cancer, we combined massively parallel short read and DNA paired-end tag sequencing to present the first whole-genome analysis of two gastric adenocarcinomas, one with chromosomal instability and the other with microsatellite instability. Integrative analysis and de novo assemblies revealed the architecture of a wild-type KRAS amplification, a common driver event in gastric cancer.

We discovered three distinct mutational signatures in gastric cancer - against a genome-wide backdrop of oxidative and microsatellite instability-related mutational signatures, we identified the first exome-specific mutational signature. Further characterization of the impact of these signatures by combining sequencing data from 40 complete gastric cancer exomes and targeted screening of an additional 94 independent gastric tumors uncovered ACVR2ARPL22 and LMAN1 as recurrently mutated genes in microsatellite instability-positive gastric cancer and PAPPA as a recurrently mutated gene in TP53 wild-type gastric cancer.

These results highlight how whole-genome cancer sequencing can uncover information relevant to tissue-specific carcinogenesis that would otherwise be missed from exome-sequencing data. Gastric cancer GC is the fourth most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide.

Early stage GC is often asymptomatic or associated with non-specific symptoms, resulting in most patients presenting at advanced disease stages.

Treatment options for late-stage GC patients are limited, with surgery and chemotherapy regimens offering modest survival benefits. Environmental risk factors for GC include a high salt diet, smoking, and infection by Helicobacter pylori [ 1 ].

Understanding the mutational impact of these environmental exposures on the genomes of gastric epithelial cells is essential to shed light on specific genes and pathways associated with gastric tumorigenesis. Previous studies in lung cancer [ 23 ], melanoma [ 4 ], and leukemia [ 5 ] have shown that environmental carcinogens and drugs can elicit specific somatic mutational profiles in cancer genomes, referred to as 'mutational signatures'.

While previous studies on GC have applied exome-sequencing approaches to identify frequently mutated genes [ 67 ], identifying mutational signatures is best done using whole-genome data, due to its completeness and ability to simultaneously uncover micro- and macro-scale somatic alterations.

In this study, we sought to provide a more comprehensive understanding of mutational processes in GC by analyzing whole-genome sequences of two GCs and their matched-normal controls, using both short-read SR next-generation sequencing and a long insert approximately 10 kbp DNA paired-end tag DNA-PET protocol [ 8 ].

We also sought to explore the combination of these datasets for de novo assembly of cancer and normal genomes and to comprehensively catalogue a range of point mutations to megabase-sized somatic alterations in the tumor. Finally, we used this catalogue to characterize the impact of mutational processes on genes and used a screening approach to validate recurrently mutated genes in subtypes of GC defined by specific mutational processes. The matched tumor and normal samples analyzed were from two Singaporean patients.

Somatic variations in two GC tumors identified by whole genome sequencing approaches. First, the de novo approach allowed for characterization of large-scale somatic structural variations at single base-pair resolution SR libraries were unable to identify nearly half of the validated SVs and fusions genes; Note 1 in Additional file 1. Reconstruction of the tumor genomes also allowed the prediction of fusion genes and complex rearrangements that resemble patterns created by replication coupled mechanisms [ 11 ] and are further described in the supplementary text Note 4 and Figures S3 and S4 in Additional file 1 and Table S6 in Additional file 2.

Copy number of two gastric cancer genomes, mechanism of 12p amplification and creation of a fusion gene. Dark red and pink arrows represent 5' and 3' cluster regions, respectively, with the connection between the tip of the dark red and the blunt end of the pink arrows. Numbers represent cluster sizes. Third, the de novo assembly enabled annotation of human genes and variants in sequences absent in the reference genome.

In total, we identified more than 3 Mbp of novel sequence longer than bpcontaining several genes including an ortholog to a cytokine receptor-like factor - CRLF2and more than a 1, somatic and germline variants for each patient Materials and methods; Note 2 and Table S5 in Additional file 1. Note that we identified more than five times the number of somatic variants uncovered in earlier sequencing studies [ 67 ] that were restricted to exomes 5, SNVs and 2, indels identified from 37 exomeshighlighting the statistical advantage of whole-genome analysis for studying mutational signatures.

These results agree with the mutual exclusivity seen in MSI and CIN pathways for inducing mutations in other cancers as well [ 12 ]. Map of somatic alterations in two gastric cancer genomes. Genome-wide and exome-wide mutational fingerprint. In contrast, there were a comparable number of insertions in both the MSI-positive and CIN-positive GC, and a similar deletion-specific pattern has also been noted before [ 13 ].

Also, non-thymine and non-mononucleotide repeat deletions were not found to be in excess. The correlation between MSI phenotype and the specific deletion signature identified here was further confirmed from previous exome-sequencing data [ 7 ] four MSI-positive exomesthough this aspect was not noted in the previous work.

Thus, despite the bias towards thymine deletions, there seems to be an absence of a targeting mechanism on the genome for the MSI-associated signature.

pang chinn fei dipecat

Also, a likely trigger is H. Further work is required to identify the mechanistic basis of sequence selectivity in this genome-wide GC-specific signature. The CpG alterations likely represent deamination of methylated cytosines followed by errors associated with transcription-coupled repair, which has also been observed in other cancers [ 24 ].Together, with their own distinctive kung fu style, the brothers defeat Yeung and are praised by the townsmen.

Later, when the townsmen debate on who is the better martial artist of the two, the brothers become bitter rivals and start their own martial arts schools. Meanwhile, a local young kung fu fanatic Sei Leng Chai Stephen Tung is trying to create his own kung fu style and befriends a wandering winemaker Fei Chai Sammo Hungwho is an expert martial artist. Later, it is revealed that Yeung is actually Chin's kung fu senior and he sent his fake sons to study under them to understand their styles more.

Chin wants to cripple Fei and Pang to avenge Yeung. As they fight, Sei Leng Chai comes to help and the brothers eventually reconcile their brotherhood. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Categories : films Cantonese-language films Hong Kong films s action comedy films s martial arts films Hong Kong martial arts films Kung fu films Hong Kong action comedy films Martial arts comedy films Films set in China. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Film poster.This was followed by prevention programs recommending Chinese medicine CM for the prevention. In order to provide evidence for CM recommendations, we reviewed ancient classics and human studies.

Historical records on prevention and treatment of infections in CM classics, clinical evidence of CM on the prevention of severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS and H1N1 influenza, and CM prevention programs issued by health authorities in China since the COVID outbreak were retrieved from different databases and websites till 12 February, Research evidence included data from clinical trials, cohort or other population studies using CM for preventing contagious respiratory virus diseases.

The main principles of CM use were to tonify qi to protect from external pathogens, disperse wind and discharge heat, and resolve dampness. Prospective, rigorous population studies are warranted to confirm the potential preventive effect of CM.

Download to read the full article text.

pang chinn fei dipecat

Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 99 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, China: a descriptive study. Feb Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China.

World Health Organization. Novel coronavirus nCoV situation report A novel coronavirus outbreak of global health concern. Wang W Y, Yang J. An overview of the thoughts and methods of epidemic prevention in ancient Chinese Medicine.

Joseph N, Lu G. Hygiene and preventive medicine in ancient China. J History Med All Sci ;— Chinese herbal medicine for severe acute respiratory syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Altern Complement Med ;— SARS: clinical trials on treatment using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Geneva, Switzerland, National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Prevention program of traditional Chinese medicine for H1N1 influenza. Chin Comm Doctors Chin ; Su Y, Chen M. Yuan Y. Cheng K, Leung P. What happened in China during the influenza pandemic?

Int J Infect Dis ;— Zhong Y, Yang J. Epidemic disease prevention in traditional Chinese medicine. Sun SM Tang Dynasity. Yao W. Pang AS Song Dynasity. The use of an herbal formula by hospital care workers during the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in Hong Kong to prevent severe acute respiratory.

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